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The Summerside Journal is IslandNewspapers.ca best bet for improving Prince County coverage. A weekly for most of its published history, with a few stints as a tri-weekly or a daily, the Summerside Journal published news, fiction, anecdotes, agricultural articles and advertisements. When first published in 1865, it was non-partisan, but alternately supported both the Conservative and Liberal governments of the time.

This project will digitize 35 reels of microfilm from 1865 - 1951 of the Summerside journal resulting in an estimated 25,000 digital page images occupying almost 1 Terabyte of live storage and 2 Terabytes of backup storage and tape.

Project Cost: $10,500.00

This effort includes: funds needed to purchase new “master” microfilm reels, providing the best possible quality image source; staff resources (including UPEI students) to scan, perform quality assurance, and test digital outputs; staff effort to add new functionality to the system in response to request from the community; and costs of temporary and long-term storage to preserve and steward the digital pages for the long-term.

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Goal: $10,500.00