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The Patriot is a long running newspaper and it would strengthen our news coverage for the latter 1800s through to the mid-1900s. The Patriot had excellent local news coverage, so would prove useful to the Island community. It was published twice-weekly from 1867 to 1881, then daily thereafter.

This 100 years of the Patriot currently exists on 170 microfilm reels and when digitized we estimate that they would represent almost 210,000 page images, requiring over 5 Terabytes of live storage and occupying over 10 Terabytes of backup storage and tape.

Project Cost: $86,000

This effort includes: funds needed to purchase new “master” microfilm reels, providing the best possible quality image source; staff resources (including UPEI students) to scan, perform quality assurance, and test digital outputs; staff effort to add new functionality to the system in response to request from the community; and costs of temporary and long-term storage to preserve and steward the digital pages for the long-term.

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Goal: $86,000.00